Thursday, April 26, 2012

BETA V1.4.0 Homework Widget Changelog

The V1.4.0 BETA Widget is finally released!
Get it HERE!
As you all have requested me to add things and inform me about the bugs and glitches the other time, I managed to fix the bug and add some new functions and buttons.

Please note that this is in BETA and I need your help to assist in the testing part. A stable version with all the other colours will be released the earliest end of this week and latest end of next week.

~Bug Fixes:
-Words no longer continue to the end. It continues at a new line.
~Added Functions/Buttons:
-New 'Notes' Section at the back for you to type your own notes. (Scrollable and still in BETA testing)
-New 'Homework Blog' link button.
-Buttons and text at the back are moved. Please comment or tell me whether the current arrangement is OK or needs to be changed.

STABLE V1.3.0 Homework Widget Changelog

Homework Widget V1.3.0 STABLE Released!

Whats New:
-Ability to toggle between Blogs (Credits to Lim Zhongzhi for this idea)
Check the back page of the widget for the drop-down menu to toggle between blogs.

Get it here.

V1.2.2 Homework Widget Changelog

Homework Widget V1.2.2

Whats new:
-Orange coloured widget
-Minor changes
-You can now have different coloured widgets in your dashboard at the same time
-Colour adjustments

Get it here.

STABLE V1.2.1 Homework Widget Changelog

Whats new:
-Title Now in Bold (Scrollable together with contents)
-Refresh Button Repositioned
-Green Colour Added, Classic Colour Improved
-From this version onwards, the newest widget will replace the older widget. (Different Colours will be replaced too)
Full Package (ALL 4 Colours - Classic, Blue, Green, Purple)
Additional : Timetable Pic (Widget) Note:It takes up some of your space in the dashboard.

Beta V1.2.0 Homework Widget Changelog

Only people using BETA V1.2.0 and above can read the message below.
Widget here --- Outdated (Check out V1.2.1 STABLE)
DO Not Edit or Delete this message.
If you can see this message, congratulations! You are using BETA version OR ABOVE and all BETA versions are in Classic until a stable version is released (Which is released in V1.2.1).

V1.1 Homework Widget Changelog

Homework Widget V1.1.0 (Blue) available now! 
Get it here.

V1.1.0 Changes:
-Added links at the back of the widget
-Changed widget colour to blue
-Changed some minor properties and minor adjustments

V1.0.0 Homework Widget

Thanks for downloading this widget! It will automatically update the contents (I will add the homework in there) You won't need to download anymore unless there is a widget update (not contents). Press the arrow keys at the bottom of the widget to scroll through the homework.